Tailored solutions to match your needs

Tyler Redmore offers a broad range of tax and accountancy services, delivered with flexibility to suit your business or personal requirements.  When you require practical, commercial and professional advice, we have the expertise to help.

Our range of services include:

Business accounting & tax compliance

Whether operating through a company, partnership or as a sole trader, making sure you comply with the law can be onerous.  We help by ensuring that accounts and tax returns are prepared in the correct format, they are up to date and completed correctly to support all aspects of your business administration.

We plan our work in a timely manner so you do not miss or run close to deadlines.  We also aim to keep you fully informed of the information being prepared so that you retain control of what is being made available.

Business support

At Tyler Redmore, you can draw on a wealth of experience in solving a multiplicity of business and commercial issues – some routine, others more complex.  We are able to refer you to appropriate specialist advice if necessary.

Tax planning and advice

Finances can be structured in various ways, often with a different tax liability.  Tax awareness when planning is therefore essential and it pays to get good tax advice at all times.  We should never lose sight of commercial priorities, however, and keeping things simple is often the best option.

We do not support aggressive tax schemes that promise much but can cause problems later.  We provide professional advice, not impossible solutions.

We can help with many areas of tax, including corporation tax, VAT,  income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.


We can help you to submit accurate tax returns and meet deadlines, avoiding self-assessment penalties and giving you peace of mind.

Trustee support

With considerable expertise in the trust sector, we can provide help and guidance if you are considering setting up a trust.  We also support existing trustees in managing their trust, including tax compliance and planning.


We offer limited bookkeeping assistance and training, with referral to a number of trusted partners who can provide an efficient bookkeeping solution, whether on-site or off, weekly or monthly.

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